Welcome to A Thousand Cuts

7 06 2010

Welcome to A Thousand Cuts, the blog/news site that aims to report, monitor and analyse the impact of the savage public spending cuts that are about to hit Britain to cope with the fallout from the banking crisis. At the moment it’s just a one-man band – that’d be me – but I hope others will come on board as time goes on.

The public spending cuts are the biggest domestic political issue facing this country and likely to remain so. By David Cameron’s own admission, they will have a direct impact on people’s way of life in this country. The standard bearers of free market fundamentalism, whose policies directly caused the financial crisis, are now demanding that working and middle class people pick up the tab.

In tandem with other sites, A Thousand Cuts will help reveal the true cost of Britain’s disastrous economic policies of the last 30 years, culminating in the gold-plated gangfuck that was Gordon Brown’s bank bailout. While not supporting the running of huge deficits year after year, we’ll also question the rationale behind the cuts agenda – why so far, so fast? Why savage spending cuts, and not tax rises or an effective crackdown on tax avoidance? And what will the impact of the cuts be on the public?

This site does not exist to oppose every single cut; the last government engaged in wasteful spending on consultants, grand IT projects and botched marketisation drives in a floundering attempt to inject the public sector with some of the worst practises of the private sector. Even when times are good, even if the government is running a £100 billion surplus, taxpayers’ money should not be wasted on projects and initiatives (and wars) that don’t work. This site will look to bring clarity to what worked and what didn’t.

The final thing to mention is that this is a non-party political site. Commenters are at liberty to sling mud, pull hair and name-call across the party political barricades; the site’s focus, however, will be elsewhere.

More about us in the About section. I hope you’ll find this site useful in the weeks and months to come.




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