Daily Cuts Briefing – June 14th 2010

14 06 2010

The National Housing Federation raised concerns over the weekend that government spending cuts and changes to the planning system could lead to a massive fall in affordable house-building.

The organisation, which represents England’s housing associations, is concerned that the level of social housing built this year could fall two-thirds to a twenty-year low.

Meanwhile, Larry Elliott warns that ‘the lunatics are back in charge of the economy’ in the Guardian. Commenting on the government’s increasing obsession with public funding cuts in the midst of a recession, he questions where the coalition thinks growth will come from to fill the gap left by retrenchment.

‘We now have the bizarre spectacle of China, Japan, the eurozone and Britain all set on reducing budget deficits while simultaneously pursuing export-led growth,’ writes Elliott. ‘This is a logical absurdity because somebody, somewhere has to be importing all the exports.’





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