Daily Cuts Briefing – Thursday 17th June

17 06 2010

The BBC reported yesterday a number of local services that have been hit by funding cuts. According to its survey, transport and social care services are particularly under threat.

Nottinghamshire County Council is planning to sell 13 care homes, while Staffordshire and Worcestershire councils are also planning cuts to adult services. A charity in Canterbury has had to axe a project to help homeless people get apprenticeships after funding was withdrawn.

Among the transport projects set for the chop are the Heysham Bypass in Lancashire, while the replacement of the temporary Walton Bridge in Surrey has been delayed.

Further cuts are inevitable. Take one county, Essex – the county council is losing £11m in funding; Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is losing £2m; Thurrock Council is suffering a £1.7m cut; and Essex Police Authority will have to rein in spending by £2.6m. None have yet finalised what cuts they will have to make to meet their shrinking budgets.

Meanwhile local authorities are planning to scale back services offered by childcare centres in some of the most deprived areas in anticipation of expected funding cuts when the Sure Start Early Years and Childcare Grant run out in March 2011.




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