Daily Cuts Briefing – Tuesday 27th July

27 07 2010

The National Housing Federation today warned that more than half a million people could be added to housing waiting lists if government budget cuts go ahead.

The campaign group, which represents not-for-profit housing associations, said that if affordable housing budgets were cut by 40 percent – the figure flagged recently by ministers – then 570,000 people would be added to waiting lists for affordable homes.

Waiting lists already stand at a record 4.5m, with one million children living in overcrowded homes. Housebuilding fell to a post-war record low last year.

The federation added that 40 percent budget cuts would mean 280,000 construction industry jobs would either be lost or not created by 2020.

Elsewhere, Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans to increase the number of voluntary police officers from 15,000 to 67,000, in a move seen as designed to compensate to cuts in full-time police officers. No word yet on how the recruitment process will be funded.

Tony Hayward is quitting as chief executive of stricken oil giant BP with a £1m payoff and £10m pension pot, despite the company posting a huge $17bn loss and seeing its reputation hit an all-time low over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The huge payoff makes a mockery of the government’s obsession with ‘gold plated’ public sector pensions – which on an individual basis are microscopic by comparison – and also rubbishes the notion that the private sector is a paragon of meritocratic efficiency, with large salaries for the best people.

If the best people are like Tony Hayward, what are the worst people like?

Finally, the bonfire of the quangos goes on, with various health and cultural bodies axed, including the Film Council.




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