Daily Cuts Briefing – Friday 30th July

30 07 2010

Quick one this morning – just the headlines:

Nick Clegg is changing his mind on an almost daily basis these days. Having previously insisted that he swung behind the Tory deficit hawks after a post-election chat with Mervyn King (which King denies), he claimed last night that he actually changed his mind before the election – but didn’t bother to, y’know, tell the voters – http://bit.ly/aHu9V1

Michael Gove is made to look ridiculous yet again, as the ‘thousands’ of schools supposedly rushing to become academies turns out to be, er, 158 – http://bit.ly/a8j8HP

Council tax rises above a certain level are to be made subject to a veto by voters, according to Eric Pickles – http://bit.ly/c8CVqR

Iain Duncan Smith is to set out options for welfare reform that he says will simplify the current system and reduce benefit cuts for those who enter work – but Labour fear the measures could mean benefit cuts for those still out of work – http://bit.ly/9Yk1fW

And details are emerging of the cuts that will be made to the defence budget – http://bit.ly/dcO56O – while Trident continues to run into cash problems – http://bit.ly/cHSOvW




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