Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool to be hit by housing benefit cuts

12 08 2010

The homelessness charity Crisis has published figures showing the parts of the country that will be worst affected by the government’s housing benefit cuts.

Chancellor George Osborne announced £1.8bn of cuts to housing benefit in his emergency Budget in June, which Crisis warns will force tenants into arrears and could drive them from their homes.

Today Crisis published a list of the local authorities with the highest number of households hit by the cuts:

  • 18,870 households in Birmingham
  • 15,610 in Leeds
  • 12,620 in Liverpool
  • 12,550 in Brighton
  • 12,420 in Blackpool
  • 11,180 in Cornwall
  • 10,470 in Bradford
  • 10,210 in Manchester
  • 9,660 in City of Edinburgh
  • 9,650 in Brent (London)

According to the Department for Work and Pensions’ impact assessment, all 159,370 households claiming Local Housing Allowance in London will be affected by the cut – Brent being the worst affected local authority in the capital.

Crisis claimed that people living in one bed properties in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Camden will be worst hit with average annual losses of £3,796, £3,484 and £1,612 respectively.

Leslie Morphy, chief executive of Crisis, said: “The Government promised that in cutting the deficit it would protect the most vulnerable, but these figures show that thousands of those who are in greatest need will have their income hit when they can least afford it. Far from hitting just expensive areas in London, these cuts will have a massive impact across the nation, including on households in areas which rank amongst the most deprived in the country.”

More here.




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