Salami slicing in Maulden & Houghton Conquest

17 08 2010

With local government shutting down over August, I’ll take this opportunity to run down some of the cuts taking place in councils around the country.

First up, Central Bedfordshire. This fairly rural area, comprised of such wards as Maulden & Houghton Conquest, announced its in-year cuts in mid-July.

As ever, children and young people’s funding took the biggest hit, after the government cut education area based grants (ABG) by 24 percent.

But while some councils have cut sought to protect certain priority areas – Connexions, for example – Central Bedfordshire opted for a salami slice approach, cutting equally from all budget lines with no thought to priorities.

As a result, everything has had a 23.964557 percent budget cut. Give or take the odd one-thousandth of a percent.

Among the cuts are £450k from the Connexions service, £60k from work to support the prevention of exclusions from school, just under £70k from start-up costs for extended schools projects (breakfast clubs etc), and £6k from work to tackle substance misuse among young people.




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