Building industry lambasts government’s first 100 days as ‘death by 100 cuts’

19 08 2010

The National Federation of Builders has attacked the coalition’s first 100 days in office as ‘death by 100 cuts’ for the construction industry.

The NFB, which represents many of Britain’s small to medium-sized building outfits, said that the government’s policies are forcing the industry into a double dip recession, with the current growth in the sector due to ‘companies scrambling to finalise deals before the government axe could fall’.

The body highlighted the decisions to scrap regional development agencies and regional spatial strategies with nothing in their place and no policies to handle the transition.

Describing the government’s execution of its agenda as ‘sadly wanting’, it delivered a stinging verdict on the coalition’s policies so far: ‘In much the same way as Gordon Brown redefined the word “prudence”, this government has redefined the phrase from the emergency budget “no more capital spending cuts” to mean “we are now cutting the £55 billion Building Schools for the Future programme”.’




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