Tea Party crazies come to London

8 09 2010

A warm welcome to the cranks, crazies and billionaire donors of the US Tea Party movement, whose lobbyists are coming to London today to spread their message of climate change denial birthism Islamophobia tax cuts for big business the common man.

The Guardian reports that many of the think tanks and lobby groups that have backed the US Tea Party will be attending a conference promoting the small government agenda in alliance with Britain’s ever-reliable Tax avoiders payers Alliance (ok, enough with the strikethrough).

According to the newspaper: ‘Today’s conference will be attended by Americans who have lobbied in the US to overturn Barack Obama’s healthcare plan and maintain tax breaks for the rich. Several of the groups have close links to the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, prominent tormentors of the Obama administration.’

Big Oil is prominent among the backers of the conference – the Cato Institute, which is sponsoring the event, is bankrolled by oil companies, while Americans for Prosperity was founded by oil billionaire David Koch.

In truth, this is the smart end of the Tea Party movement – I doubt the Kochs are dumb enough to question President Obama’s birth certificate; they’re just happy for their movement to use the issue to tangentially undermine his healthcare plans and economic stimulus package. The think tanks have left their loony bin outside the proposed ‘Ground Zero mosque’.

But the Tea Party and their fellow travellers on the loony wing of the Republican Right have a bad reputation in Britain and the rest of Europe. If they’re teaming up with the Taxpayers Alliance, hopefully it will show more people what the TPA’s ideological agenda is – helping the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else. And that can only be a good thing.

So a warm welcome to the Tea Party. Bring it on.




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