Dead refugee kids should be allowed in, says Britain

3 09 2015

Refugee children who are photographed drowning in the Mediterranean should be allowed into Britain, it has emerged.

News of the shift in public opinion came after photos of a dead child washed up on a beach persuaded the British people that the army should not be sent in after all.

David White, a socially acceptable racist from Corby, said: “I was shocked by the photo of the dead kid on the beach. It didn’t look like a cockroach at all.

“If a child goes to the effort of being photographed after drowning in the Med, they clearly have a strong work ethic and aren’t coming here to claim benefits or blow things up. We should keep the living ones out but another part of the country should definitely take the dead ones in.”

Enough kids have now drowned to move the Overton window to tears. The window, which determines what actions are politically acceptable, recently shifted from “Keep Them Out” to  “do nothing” and has now progressed to “wring hands”.

Experts believe it could reach “do the barest minimum to make ourselves feel better” within days.

David Cameron is facing calls to act to stem the tide of self-conscious national introspection. Downing Street sources suggest the prime minister is seriously considering thinking about calling another summit to discuss what action other countries could take.

Tory strategists are currently studying YouGov polling data to see how best to respond to Europe’s worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

In a heartfelt front page editorial this morning, The Sun said that while migrants in Calais are still filth, refugees crossing the Med are kind of ok if they give us an excuse to bomb Syria and Iraq.

Migration expert Sarah Smithson said: “There’s a definite shift in the mood. They have suddenly gone from being ‘migrants’ to ‘refugees’. If they play their cards right and keep dying visibly, they could reach ‘people’ status by next week.”




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