I started this site back in June 2010 with the intention of monitoring the government’s cuts to public services and social security. It quickly transpired that the government’s cuts were on far too grand a scale for one person to collate and report. I mostly stopped posting here around September 2010 as I got involved in a collaborative, TUC-backed project called False Economy, for which I continue to collect data on the impact of austerity and public funding cuts.

I’ve decided to go back to blogging here, not so much as a focused cuts-reporting site – that’s False Economy’s job – but simply with thoughts on the ongoing economic and political crisis, what with so many highly-paid people talking weapons-grade bollocks about it on national media platforms. I’m not party political. I’m not at all ideological. I have no interest in any kind of political career. I could probably be described as left-wing, but I don’t lose sleep over whether my views chime with this wing or that. I pay no attention to ‘experts’ of the type favoured by national media, given their unfortunate habit of being wrong about everything all the time. And I passionately hate bank bailouts. Needless to say, everything on here is my opinion, no-one else’s, and wholly independent of the TUC.

This site contains a lot of politics and a lot of swearing. The former tends to lead to the latter.

Chaminda Jayanetti

June 2012


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